April 4, 2016

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Sculpt n’ Stretch: Perfect for every fitness level, this no-impact class utilizes bands, dumbbells, bars, and balls alternating with stretching exercises to help achieve and maintain strong lean muscles as well as increase and maintain flexibility.

Tone n’ Tighten: Tighten every muscle in your body in this class that applies functional training principles in order to help with everyday life and achieve fast results. Dumbbells, bands, bars, balls, plyometric drills, agility moves and more…

Zumba: Let the dance party begin! Come and dance to Latin and world beats while burning calories. Geared to all levels, this super FUN class will make you smile and sweat. This is a class you simply CAN’T MISS!

Steppin Strong: Step aerobics, total body conditioning and weight training merge into this body burning, sweat inducing workout that will really fire up your engine!

Pilates: Strengthen and lengthen your core. Improves the “power house” for the body while creating balance, endurance, and a longer more aesthetically pleasing look.

Yoga: A gentle approach blending various styles of yoga to improve flexibility, stregnth and breathing techniques. The posture sequence lengthens and stretches the muscles at the same time it builds strength and lean muscle mass. It can reshape your body and mind! Great for ALL fitness levels.

Cycle: Go for a spin! Class is done on stationary bicycles lead by an instructor who coaches you through drills simulating outdoor cycling. The music and group setting will motivate you through a great heart-pumping workout.

Kickboxing: Get ready for combinations of punches, kicks, blocks, and athletic drills to build your power and cardiovascular endurance! Instructor May incorporate strength training to end your workout.

Steppin’ It Up: This fun and HIGHLY choreographed workout offers participants the latest in step choreography. Mambos, pivots, hop-turns and repeaters are just an example! Challenge your mind and body by taking fitness to a new level.

Triple 20: This cardio-based class continuously moves you in 20-minute segments to increase and challenge your endurance. Develop stamina, power, agility, and balance with athletic drills, step and plyometric patterns, or kickboxing and aerobic moves. Classes will vary with instructor.

Cardio Circuit: A cardio class designed to burn fat and tone muscles. The instructor sets up a variety of several timed stationsusing various props, which you will move through. The class finishes with abdominals and a stretch for flexibility. All levels welcome.