April 3, 2016


Age: 44 Years old
Starting weight: 209 lbs
Size: 18
Current weight: 132lbs
Size: 4/6
Total Weight loss: 77 lbs!

Kim’s story…

As a mother of 8 she had little to no time for herself until she had an eye opening experience at a clothing store. Her size 16 pants no longer fit and instead of getting the next size up she drove straight to The Fitness Company for Women and got herself started!

kimHer first year was hard but she did see results! Kim turned to a trainer for more guidance and tips and soon after she saw faster results and learned how to properly workout!

She has successfully kept the weight off and continues to strive for a healthy lifestyle for her and her family!

Her advice… “Make time for yourself to be a better person”

Favorite exercise… Working out on the TRX!

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Age: 25 years old
Starting weight: 276lbs.
Size: 24
Current weight: 171lbs.
Size: 11 Juniors
Total Weight loss: 105 lbs!

Christina’s story…

At the age of 23, Christina had made the greatest decision to get healthier and fit. On March of 2009, she underwent Gastric bypass surgery to jump start her weight loss.

ChristineChristina joined The Fitness Company for Women this past summer and has been taking part in group personal training clinics, Biggest Loser, her favorite class Zumba.

Her routine is attending classes, group personal training clinics and cardio 5-6 times a week.

Her advice… “Do not give up! If you feel like you’re going to quit, take a look at what you have accomplished and keep going.”

Favorite exercise…Total Body clinic with Amanda and hopping on the elliptical!

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